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Salesforce’s New Native Sales Navigator Integration For LinkedIn

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Are your sales team connecting with prospects and communicating with customers via LinkedIn Sales Navigator? If so, have you explored the option of syncing up Sales Navigator with your Salesforce CRM?

Connecting LinkedIn and Salesforce allows your team to harness the combined power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator (where they’re currently tracking sales activity and building lists) and your CRM (where they predominantly spend their time).

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Integrating LinkedIn and Salesforce allows your team to see sales activity all in one place, without having to leave Salesforce. Your team can spend less time jumping between platforms and more time engaging with leads.

Sync up LinkedIn and Salesforce to:

  • Target leads and accounts that are right for your products and services.
  • Understand a lead's value by information provided on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Engage leads and accounts with personalised outreach.
  • Save time as every message is captured in Salesforce.

Previously, if you were looking to connect your Salesforce CRM and LinkedIn account, your only option was the Sales Navigator by LinkedIn app on the AppExchange. 

However, with the Summer ‘21 release, Salesforce has introduced a native integration for Sales Navigator. 

This native integration allows you to add LinkedIn Lightning Sales Components to your Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account objects in page layouts. 

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Additionally, with this release you are also able to add InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions. These features allow your sales team to send connection requests and InMails to prospects or customers without leaving Salesforce.

If you are a High Velocity Sales user, your Sales Manager will be able to add LinkedIn InMail and connection request steps into your cadences.

We recommend that businesses who are currently using the AppExchange version of Sales Navigator components, should look to replace them with the new native components as soon as they have access to the integration.

However, please note that data validation still requires the original AppExchange version. (Sales Navigator for LinkedIn post-installation steps)

If you are interested in learning more about what new features are available with the Summer ‘21 release, or if you would like help exploring social selling and how your CRM integrates with LinkedIn to increase lead generation, please get in touch.



Can I use the new native Sales Navigator Integration?

  • This feature is available to users who currently have a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license from LinkedIn. 

What Salesforce environments do I need? 

  • Native Sales Navigator integration applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Professional andUltimate editions.

How can I switch over to the native integration?

  • Head to Lightning App Builder and add the LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Native) components to any of the following pages: Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account. You will also be able to add the InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions to the same pages.

When will I be able to start using this new integration? 

  • Native Sales Navigator Integration goes live on July 13th


How Salesflags Works Alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Our Partner Application comes in the following two subscription types:

The first, Freeflags allows Partner Customers to perform lead generation and social selling. Freeflags provides sales intelligence, specifically syncing social activity from LinkedIn Company Pages into your Salesforce contact records. Freeflags creates new leads from this data with links directly back to LinkedIn and suggests social selling activities to follow up.

The second is Proflags, which supports all that is in Freeflags, plus sales enablement functionality that syncs LinkedIn Ads and engagement from personal activity, with your Salesforce records. Proflags' sales acceleration features include customisable lead scoring, sales coaching workflows, the tracking of actual follow-up social selling activity and management reporting.

Salesflags Sales Navigator Comparison


Salesforce Resources 

Summer ‘21 Release Notes  

Native Sales Navigator Integration


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