Freeflags User Guide

Start Using Salesflags Freeflags from within a social activity report:  

  • Find Salesflags Freeflags in the App Launcher

Find salesflags Freeflags App

  • Note the Home screen contains a link to further online user support

Freeflags Home

  • In the Reports tab, open Social Activities Report (Class/Lightning)

Freeflags Reports

 In the initial Social Activity Report: 

  • Instantly see the historic results of Company Page posting and engagement to date.

Freeflags Report Results

  • Measure the user’s social touches on newly recorded and existing leads.

Measure users social touches

  • Salesflags imports social activity and, where possible, matches to any existing Leads, adding a record of their social engagement

    Freeflags Matches
  • If no existing Lead is present, Salesflags creates a new Lead record

    Freeflags Creates leads
  • Salesflags tracks the user's reaction to comments on LinkedIn as Activity Tracked.

Freeflags Activity Tracked

  • Analyzing Post performance, identify where activity has not been tracked and open the social activity record

Freeflags Post Performance

  • Switch from the Details to the Related tab.

Freeflags Switch

  • Click View All on the Social Activities list.

Freeflags View All

Review which Leads qualify for follow up:

  • Review where a Lead has a Comment but no Activity Tracked, and click the Post’s URL.

Freeflags Review

Engage directly in LinkedIn:

  • Engage on the Lead’s comment with a reaction.

Freeflags EngageRefresh:

  • Return to Salesforce to refresh the social activity records. Open the Accounts tab and select your Salesflags Account.

Freeflags Update

  • In the drop down menu click the All Company Post button

Freeflags All Company Post

  • Return to the Social Activities tab to see (after a few minutes) a check mark in the Activity Tracked box.

Freeflags Update Activity Tracked

 Monitor KPIs with a before and after snapshot of the report:

  • After three weeks of seeing the results of posting performance and engagement tracking, compare the change in touches on both existing and new Salesflags created Leads.

Freeflags Results-1



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