Salesflags flags up your social lead intelligence

Enable your sales team to leverage intelligence from LinkedIn to engage leads in social conversations that accelerate revenue growth, all in Salesforce. Build social selling into every rep's workflow and boost sales productivity

Business Case

Sales Acceleration Icon

Sales Acceleration

Free your sales team of the time spent researching to personalise their approach, so they can focus on communicating.

Empower every rep to engage leads effectively right from the start of social conversations, accelerating conversion to SQL status and revenue growth


6 Use Cases

  1. When you need to optimise your sales process for your SDRs and you already have Sales Automation Tools.
  2. When your SDRs need to personalise introductory calls and emails at scale.
  3. When your SDRs don't have the time to research LinkedIn / Sales Navigator.
  4. When your SDRs need to know immediately that their prospects have engaged with your LinkedIn Posts.
  5. When you need to improve the success of introductory calls and emails.
  6. When you need to improve the conversion rate through to sales development meetings.

Salesflags Users

Sales Operations Managers

Build LinkedIn into sales workflows to accelerate conversion

Equip your team to engage prospects effectively at multiple touchpoints on LinkedIn

Track prospectors’ activity and check the quality of engagement from the app

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Respond instantly to signals of interest on LinkedIn from one place in Salesforce

Initiate frequent, warm conversations with prospects using personalised intelligence

Increase touchpoints in the sales process to accelerate opportunity generation

Account Managers

Get alerted in real-time to the interests of accounts from one place in Salesforce

Engage contacts in frequent, relevant conversations using personalised intelligence from LinkedIn

Increase touchpoints with accounts to accelerate new opportunities and developments



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Sales Alerts

See all leads with social activities in one view, directly from Salesforce



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View Social Activities and Link to Source

Select each lead to see recent social activity and links to the activity on LinkedIn

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Activity Guidance

Get proposed social selling responses for each activity, like commenting or direct messaging



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Lead Activity Scoring

View lead activity by score to instantly identify which response will be the most engaging

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Marketing Tracker

Track your sales teams' follow up against proposed social selling responses

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CRO Reports

Conversion Rate Optimisation Report

Access reports on how social selling activity impacted conversion

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