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LinkedIn sales and data intelligence options for Sales Operations

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Jonathan Elder

What are the best LinkedIn sales and data intelligence options for your Sales Operations?

Many Sales Operations professionals are learning to capitalize on the LinkedIn platform and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in particular, for "social selling" in a number of new ways.


OK, LinkedIn Sales Navigator leverages LinkedIn's vast Database;

Of course LinkedIn is a fantastic source of Business Data with LinkedIn members (sales prospects) volunteering up to date Personal and Company Data - making it much easier than ever to synchronize your CRM with accurate data.

But often the data in LinkedIn needs to be augmented with telephone numbers and business email addresses - automatically.

Explore and other integration options for straightforward API integration with data and sales intelligence platforms.

But the issue does not end there
Systematic Processes

The scale at which Sales Development Reps or Business Development Reps need to perform social selling means the need a systematic outbound process to follow up on social engagement detected by LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Workflow needs to be added into your CRM to make good use of the data integration.

Alternative or Complimentary Products?

So, who do you regard as the alternatives to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and which are complimentary products?:

* InsideView Technologies, Inc.

* ZoomInfo

* Dun & Bradstreet

* Lead411

* Demandbase

* SalesGenies_

* Oracle


* UpLead

* LeadGenius

All the above are listed by Gartner as alternatives to Sales Navigator.

But are they really?

As you can see on the comparison chart the overlap for the best of these InsideView is 33%.

ZoomInfo is 21% and Dun & Bradstreet 15%.

Cognism does not even make this list.

And what about LinkedIn's own Sales Insights?

Perhaps we should consider them as more complimentary and consider the additional functionality that they offer.

Also, back in December (2020) LinkedIn announced its second product in the Sales Solutions portfolio.

LinkedIn Sales Insights gives salespeople access to a data pool of LinkedIn's network of 722 million users.

Sales Insights helps sellers segment their customers and retrieve an up-to-date overview of:

* the size of specific departments
* job titles
* how fast they’re growing
* how big an opportunity this might represent.

It compares opportunities across markets, locations, and segments, displaying how well their sellers are connected to existing or prospective customers.

From all this data, businesses can generate sales reports with specific delineations.

A true competitive advantage?

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